Virtual Event




Extend your event beyond geographical boundaries


Detailed reports on the live event analysis


Eliminate the cost of labor, travel, venues and other miscellaneous items needed for in-person events


Allow event content to be saved for users to revisit their event experience


Create an immersive experience through thematic and language customisations

The first tailor-to-needs virtual platform made for your yearly event calendar

Achieve your goals of audience outreach, revenue generation and through the events by customising it to the formats suitable - whether be a 50-person award function, 500-person seminar discussion or 5000-person buyer-seller meet.

Boost your revenue stream through virtual events

Earn through attendee ticketing, sponsorships and ad revenues on the virtual and hybrid events managed from a single dashboard. Keep a tally of your ROIs from each event and strategize to achieve your profit goals.

Double your virtual platform into marketing tool

Re-target interested attendees through a sophisticated lead collection and retrieval analytics for each of the events. Plan your post-event campaigns by studying participant behaviour through event metrics like engagement, networking efficiency and exhibitor ROI.

Bring Your Own Device

Create, manage and attend the events using your unique login credentials on any of your devices - mobile phones, phablets, tablets and desktops. Toggle between multiple roles of organisers, attendees, sponsor and exhibitor executives through a robust dashboard.

Secure Cloud Server Hosted

GDPR Complaint

Data Encrypted

Load Tested

Inbuilt Interactive Live Sessions

In-Built Registrations

Register for the event, facilitate payments and securely log in to the event through your device browser.
Inbuilt Interactive Live Sessions

Event Lobby

Enter the virtual conference space and make your choice - Visit the exhibit halls, attend the live sessions, join fellow participants for a discussion in the meeting rooms or enter popular contests.
Inbuilt Interactive Live Sessions


Join the speakers for an opening ceremony or sit down for a keynote daily, while participating in a live Q/A or a poll. Watch it live or on demand later, at your ease and convenience.
Inbuilt Interactive Live Sessions

Multi-Tier Networking

Connect with event participants and representatives over networking lounges, breakout rooms and one-to-one Meetings.
Inbuilt Interactive Live Sessions

Virtual Expo Booths

Interact with the exhibitor representatives , proceed to a live demo over the meeting area, browse through the product / service offerings and drop your business card for future connection.
Inbuilt Interactive Live Sessions


Encourage engagement with a product or service with several creative virtual gamification idea options.

Use Your Platform to

Create events with unlimited possibilities, and craft the event schedules for your clients

Conferences & Seminars


Networking Meets

Product Launches

Town Halls

Promotional Webinars

Business Expos

Buyer-Seller Conclaves

Trade Exhibitions

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